I have been taking pictures for 21 years. It all started with a very special birthday gift of a 35mm camera from my dad. From that point on I always enjoyed being able to look at my surroundings around me, and to be able to make a picture come to life. Being born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. I was able to grow in my craft surrounded with world class scenery. That is the reason that to this day landscapes and scenic images are my two greatest passions.

I may have got my start out in British Columbia but I now live on the prairies in Regina, Saskatchewan. Although the scenery is vastly different here, there is no shortage of oppotunities when it comes to taking photographs. Back up six years though when my entire world was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). I lost the use of my left hand and foot and all of a sudden my passion for photography had to be put on hold.

Time went on and there wasn’t a day that I didn’t miss getting out to take pictures or capture that one unique photograph. All too often I would walk past something and compose a mental shot in my head, making me want to pick up right where I left off! The desire to get back doing what I love to do only became stronger and I started looking for different ways that I could modify my camera equipment to allow me to get back out there shooting. I wasn’t about to let my disability stop me from living life and fullfilling my dreams.

As a result today I am doing what I love to do! I hope you enjoy my work and thank you for visiting my site. If you would like to contact me about any of the pictures or would like to speak with me about custom works then please feel free to contact me at rgmphoto@hotmail.com.